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I started this blog to talk about my girls, two pugs, Wrinkles & Sputters, our kids!  We got them as puppies and they were with us for over 11 years.  Sadly we lost both of our girls early in 2013.  Wrinkles passed away in my arms shortly after 1am on January 1, 2013, she had just turned 11 years old in October.  We were devastated and miss her terribly, she was our first pug, the one that started it all.  Sputters passed away on April 25, 2013, she was 11 1/2 years old.  She had been diagnosed with Lyphoma in 2008, she beat the cancer, however, the chemo took a toll on her heart and kidneys.  It was her kidneys that failed her in the end.  We were so grateful to have her 4 1/2 years after she was diagnosed.  We miss both of our girls terribly, as I mentioned they were our kids, they started our wonderful love of the Pug breed.

After starting my blog we adopted four little boy pugs, Mugzee, adopted in October 2009, Taz in May 2010, Dex October 2010 and Lucky the latest addition to our family, adopted November 2010.  So if you catch me talking about the girls and boys, or my kids, you’ll know who I mean.

I’m a stay at home Mommy to Mugzee, Taz, Dex, Lucky & Angel.  I became a Foster Mommy in May 2010 for Southern Nevada Pug Rescue.   And I love it!  

On a daily basis I may have my 4 boys, Angel and maybe a foster or a couple of house guest when their parents are on vacation.  My nephew Caiden also comes over when he is on a school break, he loves to help with the pugs.  He says he is going to be a rescuer when he grows up.

I thought this would be a great place for you to hear about our adventures with pugs.  To spread the word about rescue and just have some fun.  Oh and we love to cook, so I will be posting recipes also.

Anyway… I have so much I want to share with you about the things in my life that I love… Pugs, Kids, Fishy’s, Eating, Drinking, Decorating, Travel and just plain living life to the fullest!

I hope while your here you can find something to wag your tail about!


Southern Nevada Pug Rescue has rescued over 400 Pugs! Their goal is to never turn away a Pug.  So far they have succeeded due to the donations they have receive.   
To adopt or donate visit their website
Southern Nevada Pug Rescue
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 Pet’ographique specializes in creating beautiful portraits that express the relationship between you and your pets.

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The Soggy Dog is a do-it-yourself dog wash where you can enjoy washing your pet in a fresh, clean environment, knowing he is in safe hands…..your own.

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Goodbye old iPhone, I'll miss you!

For Christmas my husband and I decided that instead of buying gifts for each other we would get new iPhones.  We both had the original iPhones and wanted to upgrade to the new 3Gs.  His was in mint condition but mine had taken a beating by me and the kids.   

We decided to give my husbands old phone to my sister and I would keep my old one for the kids to play all of their games on.  I had a lot of preschool apps and the kids were allowed to touch my phone only if they were sitting right next to me.  I had recently downloaded a bunch of dinosaur apps for Caiden as dinosaurs are his new favorite things in the whole wide world.  It came in so handy when we had to take Granny and Grandpa to the doctors.  It was working out great!

On Tuesday, we take Sputters to get her chemo treatments and it takes about 2 hours so we always plan a fun day and go to lunch or the pet stores to look at all of the animals.   So yesterday on the long drive to the vets, Caiden was having so much fun playing games in the back seat on his phone, we dropped Sputters off and went up the street to a Chinese restaurant. 

Once we sat down Caiden handed over the old phone to me and I set it next to me on the table.  WHY DIDN’T I PUT IT IN MY PURSE??? WHY??? 

We are just about finished eating when Dr. Carlos calls to let me know that Sputters is ready.  So of course we all have to go to the bathroom.  We come out and I pay the bill gather up the sippy cups when Caiden then decides that he should hop in the round booth behind ours and walk around on the seats!  I jump up and grab him by the hand and say come on were leaving, Riley was being very good she is standing right by me.

Later that night I thought to myself that I should put the old phone on the charger so it will be ready for them in the morning and then it hits me, the last time I saw that phone it was sitting on the table in the restaurant. 

Well you guessed it, I didn’t pick up the old phone and of course the restaurant doesn’t have it.  Nope nobody turned in a phone not even the bus boy!  Boooo whooo whooo!  It was a great idea while it lasted.  Goodbye old iPhone I’ll miss you! :-(

Oh and by the way, the new 3Gs ROCKS!  It is so fast I don’t even turn on the WIFI anymore that’s how fast it is.

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